We understand the design project as a process that must consider the various aspects and condition instructions involved the generation of a product or service. To this end the company provide our expertise in project development phases intervening looking, analysis and conclusion and in the applicative concerning the generation and development of concepts that end with full industrialization.

Generally speaking, in the design process we see two main areas:

The analytical-conceptual phase.

Project Design approach supports multiple modes depending on their need. Sometimes the requirement may be a formal review which entails a general optimization from the point of view of functional and productive, or perhaps the proposed requirement that from his own design methodology to improve understanding of the user and their habits glimpse of new possibilities that can be translated into opportunities for service and business simultaneously. This type of study should seek the realization of concepts for these come reflected in the design project with due attention to the various aspects that go into the business and productive.



The creative + technical phase development.




The task of formal proposal to unite and be able to realize solutions to the demands raised in the previous phase. We find here also a space subject to creative interpretation below remembering that we must undertake a new challenge resulted in the technical definition that allows us to manufacture the prototypes necessary for a real evaluation of the solutions.


The project is still far from complete and based on the information provided by prototypes, redefine everything necessary for optimal product realization. This will set out in the appropriate technical documentation for manufacturing.



Generally remains close monitoring until preserial manufactured one or two in order to obtain correct operation of the security process and product acceptance.